Two who set out to stand up to the online giants: My trolley!

by Thomas Bergmann

Local trade is facing the biggest challenge in its history. Digitalization is creating completely new market and competitive structures and forcing retailers to develop new strategies. Due to the small size of companies, the chances of success of rationalisation are usually low and retailers are often ousted by digital competition.

Two founders have made it their mission to stand up to the online giants!

In a survey conducted by Statista, 62 percent said that the growing online trade was the reason for the decline in visitor frequency in the retail trade.

New solutions and formats are urgently needed to save small retailers.

Dieter Deninger and Ralph Friedrich want to use my trolley to help regional and owner-managed retailers to take up the unequal fight against the big retail chains and online giants. How do they do that?

The solution of Dieter and Ralph starts in local trade.

People’s consciousness “is changing,” says Dieter. “Today, many are committed to climate protection or food sustainability.”

Everywhere it is pointed out that you should buy locally and not on the Internet. Sustainability has been declared a megatrend by the Institute of the Future. Many companies are therefore trying to get a “green” image.

However, there is rarely real and sustained support for the smaller traders, the local retailers.

Local trade associations or the regional city marketing organize a sales-open Sunday or a long shopping night to draw attention to the local shops. But their financial and human resources are limited. Support from municipalities and cities is rare. After some time, the consumer also forgets the offer on site and buys again on the Internet.

Regional trade associations are usually on their own. They do not have the means to launch professional marketing activities for their members. “A large number of trade associations in Germany have disbanded, members and honorary boards resign and give up the unequal struggle,” explains Ralph.

The online giants and retail chains are very powerful today. Today, a whopping 60 of the sales are already made by the online trade.

The 100 highest-selling online shops in Germany are led by Amazon, Otto and Zalando.

“The online giants bait the population on all channels – anywhere and at any time.”

The strategy of the founders?

Dieter explains: “As a family man, I see our children being controlled every day. For their birthday, the kids present themselves en masse with vouchers from H&M, Amazon and dm. Regional trade is running out of steam. That’s why we developed the regional lyrify bonus card!”

This bonus card called “my trolley” is designed to counteract this trend. It is to be understood as a customer loyalty system in which only regional, owner-managed companies and traders of all kinds can participate.

The aim of the two is for retailers to communicate directly with their customers on site via different channels. In this way, they can draw sustained attention and the turnover remains in the region.

How to participate?

If you want to be there, get a my trolley card in a participating shop and register for use. He then shows them every time he buys and thus secures the individual bonus of the business.

The amount is immediately credited to the card, which becomes a payment card. The credit can be redeemed with other partners. Every customer can find out the status of the current credit via the homepage or via the my trolley app on his smartphone.

Who would have thought recently that hundreds of thousands of children would skip school on Fridays in order to get climate change policy to take action?

Fridays for Future prove that it is possible today to face the online and retail giants. Sustainability is a megatrend, everyone wants to be part of it. Fighting in community for a high goal can make a difference.

A lot of little people in a lot of small places who do a lot of little things can change the face of the world.”

(African Wisdom)

The founders are still at the beginning with their vision, but are determined to change the face of the participating regions. Every consumer who registers for the card will find all participating merchants and companies in the app or on the website. Traders regularly offer promotions.

These are not only discount promotions, but also events, such as Autograph lessons, trial days or children’s programs and much more. These are advertised by my trolley with promotional films on the company side, via social media, advertisements in the regional press and on displays in the shops.

The two founders also support regional trade associations, city marketing and tourism with public relations.

Connecting customers, retailers and entire regions!

Just as the vouchers of large chains can be redeemed nationwide, the my trolley balance can also be redeemed in other regions. A customer from Geretsried can also redeem his collected bonus at a dealer in Garmisch. “This may seem like a contradiction at first. But it is not. Because there are many products that you don’t get in the village. But already in the region,” Dieter explains.

The founders want to create a growing money cycle, regionally and supra-regionally. Although the focus is increasingly on the respective locations, the participating regions also benefit from customers from the surrounding area.

Win-win situation for end users and local retailers

In order to stand up to the online giants, it is important that consumers do not rely exclusively on local supply. If a consumer wants a product that is not available from local retailers, they can find it in their region and still support the small retailers with their purchase.

Sustainable and competitive

Participating trading partners get a professional marketing tool with my trolley. This will allow them to inform about their actions. These are for example personal invitations, an additional bonus or loyalty vouchers. And the most important thing for the trader: For them, it is almost no effort. This removes the obstacle of complexity in advertising activities.

My trolley acts as an advertising agency for the dealers. The retailer informs about sales promotions with an e-mail my trolley. They will disseminate the information about the planned action within 48 hours. Direct access to the web tool is also very convenient for traders: you can make all transactions, bonus redemptions, received payments, etc. directly and steer future actions even more specifically.

My trolley provides individualised loyalty cards to every retailer. This means that they are provided with the respective shop logo and are handed over personally by the retailer.

Part of the my trolley concept is regularly used in regional media, at events, trade fairs, etc. promote the my trolley card and the participating partners. In this way, consumers quickly learn where to get a card.

Digital Natives – Thinking green, buying conventional

The founders particularly care about the digitally affinity young generation. They think green, but they usually don’t buy very sustainably. For example, they deplore working conditions in the textile industry, but continue to buy their bulk goods, as a study by Greenpeace shows.

This is why Dieter and Ralph especially want to reach the young generation: “Those who will be demonstrating for the global climate on Friday. A generation that often buys quickly with a simple click on the Internet,” they explain. “Our concept is intended to help to live the high ideals of the climate movement with every purchase without having to give up a wide range of products,” they continue proudly.

A corporate vision that has the potential to change the history of retail.

My trolley was founded in 2019 by Dieter Deninger and Ralph Friedrich. They are still at the very beginning with their vision. You can find out more about the founders, who they are and why they do this, in the section “What drives you?”


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