Invention consulting and feasibility studies: Bernhard Fischer

Bernhard Fischer was born in 1954 in the small industrial town of Töging am Inn. His father had a stationery shop in the middle of the village above which he grew up. But he did not take over this position, because he became a physicist. He completed his studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. There he passed his diploma examination in 1982. Today Bernhard looks back on 36 years of professional activity in research and development at Siemens AG. His professional focus was, among other things: Electric mobility, piezo technology, optics, medical and X-ray technology as well as general sensor and actuator technology. As a researcher, he has even supported the BMW Formula 1 team.

Bernhard has been a pensioner since 2015 and has recently become a team member of the Utopia Collector, which he supports with his feasibility studies as a scientific consultant.

He who does not want to be a dead end of his knowledge: What drives you, Bernhard?

I am spontaneous, chaotic, agile, interested and not at the age to just wait for death. I still feel young and still want a lot from life!

My work should not be finished just because I am no longer employed. I have a wide range of interests, which is why I read a lot, surf the Internet and continually expand my knowledge.

However, I do not want to be a dead end where my knowledge stops and gathers. I prefer to see myself as a small element of a community of worldwide knowledge transfer, which is on the right path to accompany humanity into a better future.

In the exchange with other people one does not only become smarter, but also personally enriched. Everyone should share their knowledge. We all get on like this when we share and not just record. Nobody is perfect, but a team can come close to perfection. I also love the company of other people – to have fun together and to laugh a lot!

Because there are things that only become more when they are shared: Namely luck, love and also knowledge!

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