Editor and technical director: Kristina Sedmak.

Kristina has already studied computer science with a focus on online media, when most people didn’t really know what it was. She has many years of professional experience at Siemens AG and is also responsible for digital transformation there.

What drives you, Kristina?

Even before i was at school, I liked to sit at the computer. My older brother had a Comodore 64 and when he wasn’t at home, I used it secretly and played with it, even though I couldn’t read and write yet. I just remembered the position of the buttons he pressed. I loved technology from an early age. My father was a radio and television mechanic and explained to me how to repair televisions, video recorders and radios.At that time this was the state of the art in technology and today I continue the professional tradition of my father, as I became a computer scientist.

I have turned my love of technology into a profession.

In 2007 I completed my studies Online Media at Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences. I have been working at Siemens AG since 2005. First as a working student and since 2007 in permanent employment. In recent years, I have been involved in numerous software projects in corporate communication and have driven the digitalization of Siemens AG forward.

Why did you become a utopian collector?

My utopia is to make life easier for people. I want the new technologies to take a lot of effort away from people and serve them. That’s why I’m part of the utopian team.

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