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Born in the baby boom years, 1967 – in Hamburg, Germany. Social scientist. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Consultant for Innovation Communication. Big-picture guy. Can neither knit nor cook excellently. Lives in Munich. Invents things and writes texts.

What drives me?

I’m not sure we’ll all be born again. I’m not a religious person, although I do see life as a miracle. I want to make the most of the one life I have for sure! It may well be that this is my only opportunity. I don’t want to miss it! People fascinate me: their stories, their thoughts and their fates. We all accompany each other on a journey. From unknown origins to unknown destinations. That’s why people are points of reference for me. I see something in almost every person that I find beautiful and unique. That’s probably my best talent. I want to be able to say at the end of my life that I have really lived. That is what drives me on.

More about me and my motivation to found this blog?

As a lecturer for Innovation Communication at Siemens AG, I have an excellent knowledge of the state of the art in technical research and the trends that will set the pace for the future. As a graduate in social sciences, I am interested in the social relevance of technical research.

I search for utopia in technology

What value do the complex technologies of our time deliver to our society? How can we improve our living together? That is what drives me! That’s why there is this future and science blog, this visionary network and think tank. I put this blog online in late 2017 to collect dreams for a new world. If someone had told me at the beginning that we would be a whole team only two years later, I would not have believed it.

Words are my passion. Spoken. Written. Read. Strung together.

I am fascinated by their simultaneous fleetingness and permanence: words fade so quickly – but they can still have an effect for so long. That’s why I have been telling stories since I can speak and writing since I learned to write. 1975 – on a journey – I started my first diary. The form of my diary has often changed over the years. My cellar is full of written pages. Records against the respective background of the time – snapshots of my life and surroundings. I was born in 1967. All these pages – are “drawings” of my impressions and thoughts. I do not want to throw any of them away. The digitalization is a blessing for me. Storing pictures and texts on a memory card: Ingenious! During my training in a Hamburg law firm I heard many sentences. I was something like the “bouncer” there: whether explanations from criminals, hesitant words from traumatised victims, accusations from deeply injured spouses or a civil law “trifle” – all these words were first addressed to me in order to gain admission: Many words and many fates! I also always knew the file on them – with all the psychological reports and decisions. After all, I was the secretary of the office and thus also the master of the inbox and telephone.

I began to wonder why people do things, or not do things? To say or not to say

Later – in Munich – I studied sociology, psychology and criminology – humanities are a wonderful study. They “train” the mind, the ability to abstract supposed normality. But they do not provide valid answers. At least not if mathematics – statistics – is not consulted. Sociologists are known for the fact that nobody knows what they are actually doing. Because there is no clear job description, they are to be found in every conceivable place of work. I work in communications at a technology company, where I deal with research topics and future trends. That’s exciting for me – because technology changes people. Historically, innovations have always triggered social change. From the ability to make fire to the complex technologies of our time, they bring about cultural changes – and also change the characters of people as they adapt to their new environment. What kind of world will we find when we have finished what we have just started: The creation of a digital twin of our environment with a new life form in it – artificial intelligence? I want to make a note of that change. I am writing it down!

The founder and editor of the future and science blog “Utopiensammlerin” is a trend researcher and futurologist, science journalist, and as a lecturer she is committed to a new understanding of the human workforce and successful human-machine cooperation.

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