Invention consulting and technical implementation: Thomas Gold

Thomas Gold is a master of precision mechanics. After his training at the Max Planck Institute, he worked in the company Giesecke and Devrient, where he has been has been active for years.

Virtual and real prototypes

Thomas is an expert to plan virtual 3D models of technical ideas in CAD. If these are used as 3D model are promising, he can realize these as tangible prototypes. Together with our physicist Bernhard Fischer, he advises potential inventors and Entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas and visions.

What drives you, Thomas?

I am interested in many things and, just like the utopia collector and physicist Bernhard Fischer, I do not want to be a dead end to my knowledge. Today only a few people are able to transform their visions and ideas into a tangible prototype. I want to make the world a better place by helping visionaries to realize their ideas for a better world. With a CAD model of their invention or a real prototype, inventors can easily win supporters and sponsors, rather than just an idea. That is why I am part of the utopian team.

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