The one who advocates the renaissance of great dreams. Who’s Ted Ganten?

Ted Ganten was born in Canada in 1970. Schooldays in Heidelberg. Studied law in Augsburg. Even then he was interested in understanding new aspects of the society we live in. Professionally, he worked for Siemens AG and later for Siemens Healthineers in various functions as a lawyer and compliance officer. He is currently responsible for worldwide customs and export controls at Healthineers. He works and lives with his wife Katrin and their daughters Kiara and Olivia in Erlangen. In the meantime, he has understood that if you want to understand society, you have to start with yourself and include the human psyche.

What drives you, Ted?

After five decades of love, partnerships, kids, family, weird hobbies, career and a really colorful life, it’s time to put some of my ideas on paper. I wouldn’t have learned anything if I hadn’t humbly and sincerely put it forward with the serious interest to continue learning.

The “Planetary Manifesto”, which I will publish here as a separate section in this blog, is the first of a series of utopian worlds of ideas that have manifested themselves in file form.


Because we have lost sight of the great human dreams. Because cyborgs, transgenic and other creatures that are physically and intellectually superior to us are not pure science fiction, but in part already reality today.

And, because it is high time to think ahead.

The Planetary Manifesto counters the widespread dystopian fantasies and apocalyptic end-time scenarios with three things: a goal that is as crazy as it is inspiring; a new ethic that overcomes our anthropocentrism; and a form of organization that is more successful, more efficient and more enduring than all states, state entities and alliances have ever been. Enjoy reading and welcome to my world.

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