She who drives beauty, truth and love – Corinna Heumann!

Portrait by Dennis Divinagracia/ Text by Susanne Gold

After studying law, Corinna Heumann studied art at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC and at the Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art in New York City (1985-1989). She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She exhibits her works worldwide. These are in public and private ownership. After various working stays in the USA, France and Russia, the painter now lives in the Rhineland.


What drives you, Corinna?

I am a painter and explore the countless perspectives on the world! I am driven by love, beauty and truth, as well as by the questions of how these philosophical concepts can connect different people and what they mean for the world. Art is the meaningful communication of immaterial values. In contrast to many protagonists in the so-called art market, I am therefore still concerned with the content aspects of a work in a social context. Themes of art are, as in the good life, first and foremost these immaterial values, the ideas, the free spirits that move the world forward and at the same time know how to preserve them, lust and frustration in life, emotions such as enthusiasm or rage, in other words everything that makes up a person and gives life a meaning. It is the big question of our time how artists will position themselves in times of artificial intelligence. Do they still paint and chisel themselves or do they write the algorithms with which they program robots and 3D printers? Where is to find spontaneity and the sublime of an artwork in the context of codes? Is already or will every human being become an artist?

Beauty is the ultimate peace of the mind or veni, vidi, dot comma line 😉



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