A team player committed to networking outside the network. Who is Dieter Deninger?

Dieter Deninger was born in Offenburg in 1973 and grew up in Baden-Baden. After his training as an advertising merchant, he acquired sales experience in various management positions.

After more than 20 years in employment, he founded his first own company in 2014. With this company, he has set himself the goal of strengthening regional purchasing power and supporting owner-managed companies. Based on the experience gained here, he founded Trolleymaker GmbH in 2019 with his long-standing friend and business partner Ralph Friedrich.

What drives me?

I am convinced that only in a team with a common goal can the energy be raised to achieve the desired goals and visions. I love to transfer my enthusiasm to my team, to profit from their ideas and to develop our visions together. To be a service provider for our customers, to be able to make individual decisions and to serve customers with a slightly different service is very important to me.

To develop the right product from an idea, to observe customer reactions in sales acquisition (my passion) and to further develop our idea with daily experience through direct customer contact gives me great pleasure.

Finding the right team members and using them in the right place is more than just a profession.

As a father of two daughters (11 & 13 years old) it is important for me in this context to set an example that there is a life outside the net. This applies to friendships as well as to consumer behaviour. It is much nicer to talk to someone directly than to communicate online. This applies to friends and acquaintances but also to salespeople and service providers.

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