The long waves of innovations

Inventions resemble the waves of the sea

One idea triggers another. This is how the Russian socialist and revolutionary Nikolai Kondratjew found out at the beginning of the 20th century. Since he applied this principle of “push-starting” to the capitalist economy and developed the thesis of cyclical business cycle theory, he had considerable difficulties in his communist homeland.

For his thesis that capitalism will not go down, but follows a cyclical model that regenerates itself after every crisis, he was first imprisoned and was sentenced to death and shot by a military tribunal on 17 September 1938.

His thesis also applies to the technical achievements of mankind. Innovations do not arise in the heads of individual inventors nor in a vacuum of ideas. They happen, like the capitalist economy, in a wave-like cycle.

One invention follows the next

For example, the steam engine led to the development of the railway. This in turn accelerated the exchange of raw materials and information, which in turn led to the development of the first telephones and radios.

One can imagine innovations like long waves that cannot be stopped. Therefore it is worth asking, like one wants to deal with technical progress instead of trying to stop it: Because it happens independently of nostalgic expressions of will!

Digital exchange and open innovation concepts. The long waves are getting shorter and shorter!

The ability to network digitally and exchange information enables us to find solutions more quickly and to be innovative.

One innovation that we humans have long needed is how we can (re)design our society so that it is just for all individuals. Is this the right time for new policies?

I say yes! Our inventions have brought people to a point that has never been reached before – we can seize the opportunity!

Today it is possible to network, exchange and connect with each other worldwide. Technologies develop exponentially. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this also applied to philosophical concepts and socio-political developments?

The starting position for groundbreaking political ideas and concepts is better than ever before! We should not miss this opportunity and make something of it. Perhaps we can end the chapter of power and powerlessness for all time.

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