Exploring new paths?

To break new ground and save our earth from destruction, we need new ideas! We need to rethink not only our lifestyle, but also the way we run our economy.

Fortunately we have the internet today!

It not only offers us the opportunity to gather information worldwide, but also to disseminate it further.

In exchange with other people, we can learn about the global effects of our actions and consumption. We learn about the problems we cause with our attitude as well as potential solutions. We can connect and inform each other.

People grow in exchange with others

By talking to other people we can develop new ways of thinking and gain new insights.

There’s an English proverb that says, “He who loves his child, sends him on his travels!”

In analogy I send this video with the idea of a new recycling economy on digital journeys and end my theme week for the COP24 meeting of the UN this year.

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