Jinxed! The theory of emergent gravity – and dark energy

As soon as I wrote about the “Energy Utopia of Perpetuum Mobile” in my blog, I have to read something about the “Theory of Emergent Gravity”.

A new theory comes from Erik Verlinde, a Dutch physicist

This is about nothing less than a new theory of gravity

In an article, the physicist presented his theory that (the still controversial) dark matter is not necessary to explain observed excess gravity in the universe. Our previous understanding of gravity would therefore be fundamentally wrong!

Verlinde is from the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics and has taken on one of the greatest mysteries of all – dark energy and gravity.

Dark energy – the theoretical explanation by physicists. So far!

Modern physicists have not been able to explain why the outer regions of galaxies rotate much faster than calculated. The calculations were based on data of mass, energy of stars, planets, interstellar gases and other matter in them.

The best explanation for this strange behaviour of the outer regions has so far been the “dark energy”. Yet this is an energy that we can neither see – nor really have discovered.

Verlinde now has another explanation for these deviations

He calls his theory “emergent gravity”. So an emerging – an emergent – gravity.

This theory assumes that gravity is an emergent and not a fundamental force

At Verlinde, gravity is a product of basic information stored with the structure of space and time itself. He speaks of “information bits” that store this data. When the basic bits change, gravity is created. Short and sweet – she is not always there. It comes and goes, our beautiful gravity. She’s emergent.

In the Delta ITP press release, Verlinde even speaks of evidence

“We have evidence that this new view of gravity is actually consistent with the observations,” says Verlinde in a press release from Delta ITP.

Other scientists can apparently follow Verlinde’s explanations. With his theory, he was able to make accurate predictions about the speed of stars revolving around the core of the Milky Way. And about stars in other galaxies – without dark matter being necessary for the explanation.

A new paradigm

Our current understanding of gravity is largely based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Einstein’s theory can explain much of the behavior of our universe. However, it reaches its limits in extreme situations – such as the proximity of one of the “black holes” in the universe, or the Big Bang. This is why Verlinde – and with him other physicists – thinks that our theory of gravity actually needs to be updated.

Many physicists are working on the revision of the theory of gravity

Many theoretical physicists are involved with the update of the theory of gravitation and, Verlinde believes, some important progress has been made. There is even talk of the beginning of a new and scientific revolution.

This would fundamentally change our views on nature, space, time and gravity. Did I just hear the esotericists cheering?

So far theory – not disproved, not proven

The theory of emergent gravitation is so far exactly that – a theory. She has her limits. For example, it cannot explain how “galaxy clusters” are formed. But even now, emergent gravity is already considered a plausible way to unite the two pillars – modern physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.


It’s worth sticking with – even if it puts a knot in my brain. It is exciting – the discussion about dark energy.

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