Der ehrgeizige Bürger

The world in a hundred years – the ambitious citizen

Illustration Susanne Gold, Story Marten Steppart

Closing time

After my work I like to go to the wild animal park by the forest and watch the feeding of the game. I like the interfaces where civilization and the wilderness meet. As a software developer, I also need the balance in nature.

I am pleased about the social achievement that nowadays people combine their job with their personal interests and activities. So everyone does what they are good at for what interests them.

I watch as the mowing robot rushes over the green grass and unloads itself at the feeding station

The collection robot for dried fodder delivers its load of collected acorns, beechnuts and chestnuts almost simultaneously. The collector for juice fodder is a bit slow with his beets and cabbage. I will check whether this happens regularly or is only a sporadic fluctuation.

The drone observes the game in the environment and calculates when the time is most appropriate for feeding. They then send the data to the collection robots, which can then do their work at exactly the right time.

Then I already see the deer, how they shyly and hesitantly approach the feeding place

Every day again this shyness, that fascinates me. But in the end, as always, they gratefully help themselves to the rich offer.

A harmonious cooperation of nature and technology. That’s what I love about my work.

I’m going to the nearest transport station and get into the travel pod

After I enter the code for my apartment block, the capsule closes. I inwardly say goodbye to the park and the game. Then the capsule rushes underground and takes me underground within a minute to my apartment block. I quit.

There will be another vote in my city tonight.

It will be decided whether it should also rain once a week during the day

I’d appreciate it. I’ve never seen rain, let alone felt it. But I can’t vote. I’d like to change that. Luckily, I make good money. I’m going to my sleep capsule. The Jura Basics module is already in the update memory. The upload for the module “Law for Artificial Intelligence” is almost completed.

I close my sleep capsule and connect to the energy supply and information transmission

Tomorrow morning I will wake up as a Lawyer Droid and take up the fight against the prejudices that the humans still hold against us.

I can understand it too. I know the many old films in which we Droids embody the evil that has been projected onto us.

I fall asleep and dream of rain. Does it really feel like that?

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