Who is Andrea Holthaus? Biography

Andrea Holthaus has been working with people for over 30 years on the most diverse topics in life. She is a personality coach and expert in trauma and partnership. As owner of the platform Volltreffer Herz, she brings lovers. In her heart vision she connects as many people as possible and leads them into a life full of love and lightness.


What is important to me in life?


Freedom and love are very important to me besides health and many other good values. For me, love is the basis of our being and our togetherness. It is the key to freedom: When I feel free, I am creative, I am fine with myself and my life. Which does not automatically mean that I agree with everything, but I have the freedom to deal with it appropriately for me. I recognize the unlimited possibilities and that I always have a choice. The time. To feel that it is transitory and limited. I love living so much and I still have so many things to do – and sometimes I am a bit afraid that there might not be enough time for that. What drives me on is that I see how many people make their lives unnecessarily difficult, sick and lonely. There are so many construction sites in common togetherness, which may be flooded with love for the benefit of all: Much to do for me!

Andrea’s story about the world in a hundred years can be found here.

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