The Labyrinth of Charlotte Reimann – Episode 42

A Novel by Mira Steffan

So Dorothea dared to take the leap into something new, dared to do what she didn’t think she could do. What about her inner fulfillment? Justus had already made it clear to her that he would support her. She finally had to come to terms with her attitude towards art and her job. In recent years she had visited many museums, in Madrid, in London, in many German cities. She loved art and enjoyed it. Thoughtfully, she sat down at the computer and called up the site of the University of Bonn. She clicked on through to Art History. And there was the ‚open program‘ page. Something inside her made an enthusiastic jump. Without further ado, she printed out all the documents for it. Then she picked up the phone and called Lara Sass.

When she hung up the phone after an hour-long conversation, a poem by Anne Bronte ran through her mind:

But the world’s before me now,
Why should I despair?
I will not spend my days in vain,
I will not linger here!

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