The Labyrinth of Charlotte Reimann – Episode 43

A Novel by Mira Steffan

„You’re giving up? You were just doing really well on the career track. Why are you throwing it all away again?” With raised eyebrows, Susanne looked at Charlotte across the bistro table, while the two cappuccino cups stood untouched and steaming between them.
Charlotte would have liked to avoid their traditional Saturday meeting today. But they hadn’t seen each other in six weeks. Charlotte’s family trips and Susanne’s vacation had necessitated this long break. Defiantly, Charlotte now crossed her arms in front of her chest: “If you want to see it that way. I just care more about my family and my well-being.”
Susanne didn’t even respond to Charlotte’s words, but asked, “Do you really have to have a change?”
“It makes me happy,” Charlotte said simply as she continued, “I was fed up with the hierarchical structures in the office, the patriarchal system, the gossip and envy, and the self-image of many colleagues who consider themselves indispensable and whose identification with the company approaches a state of self-sacrifice. I couldn’t and wouldn’t keep up with that,” Charlotte thoughtfully knelt her napkin, “You know, I didn’t feel myself anymore.”
“And the money? You’ve gotten used to that, haven’t you?
“Well, I do earn. Not as much as I used to, but enough.” “You seem to have thought it through.”
“I have,” Charlotte said quietly.
“Okay, if it makes you happy. Susanne smiled wryly. “Will you stay friends with me?”
Susanne shrugged her right shoulder and shook her head slightly, “What a question. But, of course. I just don’t want you to go back to being a deadbeat, unsatisfied gloomy mess like you were a few years ago.”

“No, those days are over,” Charlotte said, “It took me a while. But now I know what I want. Change just takes time.”
“I’m happy for you. Now tell me all about it from the beginning.”

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