The Labyrinth of Charlotte Reimann – Episode 41

A Novel by Mira Steffan

“I have to tell you something.” Dorothea began a conversation, which was to evolve into very interesting one for Charlotte. Together they went for a walk during their lunch break.
“I quit my job.”
Charlotte’s eyes went round with astonishment and she stopped abruptly, “What?”
Dorothea grinned. Obviously she was very pleased with Charlotte’s astonished reaction.
“Yup. I gave my notice today. Starting the month after next, I’ll be working in my own law firm.”
“And what about your notice period?”
“I’ve taken my remaining vacation. Plus, I have lots of overtime hours.”
Charlotte resumed the interrupted walk, “Wow. When did you start thinking of quitting? You never told me you weren’t interested in your job anymore.”
“That came as a surprise to me, too. My godfather who is a lawyer is planning to retire at the end of the year. He was looking for a successor for his law firm. That’s when he asked me. At first I could not imagine it. But the longer I thought about it, the more interesting it seemed. Being your own boss is appealing. The office may be small, but it’s going well, it’s long-established, and I can keep working for his clients and also the two employees. Of course, I will have to work weekends from time to time. But the work is more varied and exciting than what I am doing right now and, above all, I am my own boss.”

“That‘s quite something. Really courageous.”
Dorothea swayed her head back and forth, “Oh, I think the offer came at the right time. I need a new challenge and a change.”

“I’m still quite perplexed,” Charlotte said, adding, “Congratulations.”
Dorothea beamed at her, “Thank you.”
“How did Schuster react to your resignation?”
“With a deadpan expression. But – what could he do?”
“I’ll miss you.”
“I do hope we’ll continue to see each other.”
“Of course! I mean, I’ll miss you at the company.”
Dorothea sighed, “It will be quite an adjustment for both of us.” They walked on wordlessly for a while.
Then Charlotte said thoughtfully, “The other day I was thinking about what happiness could be and I came to the conclusion that happiness is inner fulfillment. My point is, you’re doing just the right thing.”

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