Weaving Heaviness and Lightness of Life into Literature: Who is Mira Steffan?

Mira Steffan was born in Oberhausen. She grew up in Bottrop, moved to Bonn and grew up again.

After studying law, she began her professional life in the editorial department of a publishing house and as a journalist. Today she works in the press office in the city hall of a small town in Germany. She regularly takes free time for her great passion – writing.

What drives you, Mira?

I am driven by curiosity about the immeasurable richness of life. It is the attempt to understand people and the human condition. In the process of writing, I explore worlds and realities of life, especially those of women and those around me, including my own, of course. In doing so, my goal is to condense the light and make light the heavy, to vividly capture the multifaceted, ever-changing character of the directions of vision. I try to get to the bottom of the manifold perceptions, the light and shadow effects of the so-called REALITY, while always remaining entertaining. I would like my contemporaries and fellow writers to find infectious the over-abundant pleasure that connects me to literature.

Writer’s Life

The writer Mira Steffan publishes poems in anthologies. She collaborates with contemporary women artists in her poetry collections Ebbe und Flut and Flammenmeer. At times she blogs for the magazine Brigitte Woman. Titled Auf dem Weg zur 50 (On the Way to 50), she writes columns online at intervals about growing up and older. With her novel, Erst mal 49 werden! (49 First!) she deals with her own female view of life. Together with her daughter, she hosts the podcast Erbse und Schote (Pea and Pod) on YouTube, Spotify, and anywhere else podcasts are available. Every Tuesday, it’s all about literature, art and the caprices of life.

Why should self-determined humanity without destruction and exploitation just be a utopian concept?

I would like to see a world in which being human is once again compatible with being alive. That means ending the destruction of the earth. That means no wars. That means that skin color, origin and religion are unimportant. That means an end to factory farming. That means that old people no longer live in homes, but self-determined in their families. That means that the love that unites two adult people, in every variation, is accepted. That means that women and men can live as equals. That means flat hierarchies. That means understanding POWER not as subjugation, but as MAKING!

Mira Steffan lives and writes for a world to be a friendly, ecological, appreciative, livable and lovable place. Her utopia is a society in which equal rights apply to all and in which mechanisms of oppression are simply passé. She writes against all odds, exposes contradictions, and shapes a new kind of female writing in the 21st century.


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