Überwachung per Chip. Illustration von Susanne Gold

Today is a good day – the world in a hundred years

Illustration Susanne Gold, Text Anita Klein

Why do we collect visions of the future? You can find out here!

Today is a good day. I am full and satisfied. Other feelings remain in the background.

Until Timmi calls from his study room. “Daddy,” he yells “Daddy, come quickly please!” I hear his excitement in his voice and go to him. “Well, son, what’s for study today?” “Ha-ha, good cue, Dad, did you know that 100 years ago, when kids came home from school, the first thing they always asked was, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” Those were very different times back then. I’m really glad to be alive today.

“Why Timmi? What do you like so much better today than it was a hundred years ago?”, I ask my son and join him on the jump ball.

We groove in and Timmi starts to list:

“Well, Mom never has to ask me, ‘What should I cook today?’ That’s probably what my great-great grandma Anita had to ask her kids almost every day. There is a saying that still comes from that time, I read it in the O-Enzy article “life a hundred years ago”: >>All Dag dui Kocherei ond äll Dag isch so oft>>Today we have it really totally nice.

With the implanted chip in the upper arm it is calculated exactly what our body needs for eating and drinking.

All ingredients are always available in the exact quantity, so that nothing remains and would have to be thrown away. 100 years ago, it was terrible what food was thrown away! And if you look at pictures from that time, how fat some people were and others were skinny – Now all people are exactly in the perfect BMI, and indeed all people in the whole world – there are no more deaths from hunger!

With the chip, not only my eating and drinking behavior is positively regulated, but also my leisure activities are coordinated with my friends. I think it’s really cool that I’m alive today and not 100 years ago, when the smartphone generation almost drove itself to extinction.” “Yes, you’ve summed that up well Timmi, you’ve used your learning time here effectively, for that you’ll get an extra credit loaded onto your chip from me.”

“Oh, thanks Dad, then I can do some exercise later, it’s so good!” “Hmmh,” I think, feeling the strange feelings slowly taking over again, “back then, good performance meant a piece of chocolate or cell phone credit for daddling, so in that respect, the chip is a fine thing today. If only there wasn’t this strange feeling of surveillance, for example during sex – but by the time Timmi is ready, this feeling will certainly be erased.

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