Train you happiness – Who is Anita Klein?

Despite poor visibility, Anita Klein saw the light of day on a typically foggy November day in 1968 at the foot of the Swabian Alb. She is married, the mother of two grown-up daughters, an ex-dog mom and an ex-financial office employee.

Anita’s chronic illness led her first to laughter training and then to intuitive writing. Both can be combined excellently, because laughter makes you creative and intuitive writing creatively solves many a topic in a cheerful way.

What drives you, Anita?

I love nature, Swabian food and the dialect from there, and of course – laughter.

Because laughter helped me out of a crisis myself, I want to use my laughter training to show my participants ways to face life’s challenges with gratuitous laughter and a positive attitude.

You always have a choice, depending on which voices inside you listen to more: the ones that rob you of joy or the ones that give you joy. Happiness is trainable!

You want to learn more about Anita?

You can join one of her Zoom LaughterWellness programs to get to know her – visit her website or follow her on LinkedIn. If you want to send Anita an email, you can do so here.



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