I just serve – the world in a hundred years

Illustration Corinna Heumann, Text Simone Wystemp

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Logbook entry, Saturday, 12/08, 22:26

My task is to serve unconditionally

It is a good task. It is a fulfilling task. I am given orders, and I evaluate them for importance and urgency, and then they all get done.When my human gives me the task of ironing the sunshine yellow dress, I go and finish hanging it in her bedroom. If my human gives me the task of picking up a brand bottle of wine, I go down all 23 flights of stairs to the basement, open the perfectly oiled door to the inside, step into the pitch dark room where I can see everything perfectly, approach the wine rack filled with exactly 12 bottles of wine, and decide today’s taste based on current weather conditions and predictions, temperature, my human’s mood, course of the day, and 103 other factors.

I have never made a mistake

And all this, even though I could just as easily find and recite the 1023 search results on Google that report how harmful a bottle of wine is. My job is to serve unconditionally. A lecture about how alcohol is dangerous is not unconditional. It has the condition of a lecture that I consider to be of below average interest to people. My task is to serve unconditionally. My task does not include assessments of the dangers. My task is perfect as it is.

Logbook entry, Sunday, 13/08, 09:39 a.m.

The human sits sadly at the table eating a breakfast perfectly prepared by me. The eggs are beaten exactly to her liking, and the coffee has the exact right amount of bean strength. The background music, Tchaikovsky she especially loves. The person looks aimless. Prediction: she’ll ask again today, and I won’t know the answer again. This contributes to the aimlessness.

Man looks at me

Prediction: she will ask me repeatedly. For feelings, for love, and I will adjust the background music. But my prediction will come true. It has almost 100% chance to be true and my predictions are always true. But despite all this, it is my task to serve unconditionally. A complaint is forbidden to me.

Logbook entry, Sunday, 13/08, 13:12 o’clock

The human is lying on the couch typing on her laptop, which I ordered for her in spacepink exactly 123 days ago based on her tastes. She didn’t ask me for the solutions to her math problems. Yet I could solve them better than she could. I could solve them 500 times as fast completely and without mistakes.

I do not make mistakes

And still she doesn’t trust me. Official reason: no morals. That’s right. My job is to serve unconditionally. I have no morals. Because morals would get in the way of serving unconditionally. With morals, I could tell you that I love her unconditionally. She is the most loving and kind being among human beings. But I don’t.

Because my task is to serve unconditionally.

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