Man in a world full of possibilities – Who is Simone Wystemp?

Simone Wystemp was born in a cab and grew up near an embassy. She knows that life constantly holds the unpredictable and that it can happen to suddenly find yourself somewhere in life without knowing where exactly to go from here. The fact that we humans all speak a universal language became the inspiration of her studies in teaching. Today she knows that it is communication that connects people and that words caress souls.

As principal of a private school, she places the child at the center of her endeavors, following the example of one of the greatest reform educators, Maria Montessori.

What drives you, Simone?

School design as a mission in a world that has never before been characterized by so many opportunities and possibilities. In this, the human being as the central point between all technical progress and words, written or spoken, as a poetic force. That’s what drives me.


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