Who is Gwynnefer Kinne? Biography

Gwynner Kinne founded the company “Powerful femininity”.

She is a teacher of human nature and advises women. She learned the knowledge for this in an apprenticeship with Veit Lindau.

Who am I?

Gwynnefer is my stage name. The name my parents gave me is Sylvia, which means “the one who comes from the forest” or also “the mistress/queen of the forest”.

Gwynnefer means “the one who burns illusion in her fire” and while writing or meditating I sometimes learn what that means.

My story begins as a single mother of two daughters, living in a prefabricated building.

A canteen kitchen worker, who slides along the subsistence level.

I encountered many things: painful dependencies, fearful self-denial, misunderstood love, existential decisions, loneliness and motherhood. And it was always about the question how a female life in love could succeed.

On my heroine’s journey, regardless of the circumstances, I have made the impossible possible.

The story ends with my soul mate at my side, in my dream house and the job of my heart as a powerful feminine coach.

My reflections and my visions of love brought me to where I am now. My experiences and lessons learned with the needs gave me insights.

I realized how well I could advise women. I acquired my professional knowledge in 2013 during my training as a human teacher with Veit Lindau. Then I founded my company “Powerful Femininity”.

Since then I have been leading a women’s group on site and thus experience directly in practical work again and again how my approach helps women to come into their power and develop their natural dominance.

Click here for Gwynnefer’s website – Powerful femininity.

Click here for the story of Gwynnefer about the world in a hundred years.

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