Who is Mark Oswald? Biography

Who am I?

I’m Mark Oswald.

I am the change. I love reinventing myself. When a roll gets too tight, I’m not afraid to let go.

This is my story

Six years ago, I was in public service. The job was nice and well paid, but I already knew on Mondays what I would do on Fridays. I got very frustrated.

In my deep frustration I felt the call for change ever louder within me. But I was afraid of giving up my security, besides, what could my family say? And wouldn’t it be ungrateful to my employer to change my life like this? I was really scared, but I just had to do something!

I told my close friends about my problem back then. Against all odds one of them said: “Mark, if you want you can work in our company”.

There it was, my exit. Without asking for any details, I said yes, told my boss off, quit my job and took the new path.

It was really not easy inside. I was scared at every moment, but I knew I had no choice, I had to do this. So I did it.

On the first day in my new job I was full of enthusiasm! Hell Jeah, finally a new adventure. But the enthusiasm was not to last long – the new work was terrible. Most of the tasks were completely new to me and far beyond my previous skills, the climate was choleric and rough and I was not up to the challenge.

After a lot of pain in a short time, I closed myself off inwardly and withdrew into doubt and frustration and got my dismissal while still on probation.

There I was. The security was gone. My steady job and my fixed plans were gone. I was full of fear and self-doubt and inwardly at rock bottom. I felt like I was useless and as if my life was now completely without perspective. I knew nothing outside my old world and didn’t know where to put me.

This low point had only one advantage: Now I had nothing to lose. All my old plans had been blown, so now I had no other choice but to discover a new world. Through all the pain of the last time I knew exactly what I didn’t want anymore and that’s a beginning after all! So I got up, felt my need for freedom, self-determination, adventure and liveliness, and went into business for myself.

At that time I had not the slightest idea what to do, how to make money, how a market economy works or what a tax return is – but I wanted to. Nothing was stronger than the fear of returning to the old world, so any possible pain of the new world seemed trivial.

The next 5 years were unprecedented in my young life. I travelled through Germany and got to know people and places. I consumed new knowledge like an addict and immediately applied everything I learned. The people I was to meet were as inspiring as heroes and as brightly shining as beacons, the knowledge I was to collect was more exciting than any thriller, the ups and downs I was to experience were worthy of an adventure novel.

Today I have the most intensive time of my life behind me. I am infinitely grateful for the people, for the experiences, for the ups and downs and for the knowledge and skills I have been able to gather. I have a completely different view of life today.

Today I am a digital nomad, live in Spain with my girlfriend and her children for a quarter of a year, earn my money by putting stories into words for extraordinarily exciting people, and am connected to such wonderful human beacons to whom I am only grateful for their existence.

I put up with a lot of fear and pain for it, but it was worth it and I don’t want to miss it. I would do it again. I would solve many things smarter, but I would not want to miss the experiences and learning effects.

If there is one thing I stand for as a human being, it is that courage for change – combined with perseverance and willingness to learn – is rewarded. I am no longer prepared to live in unpleasant circumstances for a long time. Today I know that I form and create my world and that especially the people around me are crucial for my life.

I want to encourage everyone who is reading this When life calls you, be ready to follow that call. Quality of life and happiness are the consequence, not the prerequisite.

This way to my side.

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