Who is Eva Ihnenfeldt? – Biography

Eva Ihnenfeldt, born in 1959, is a child of the Ruhr area.

Even as a small child, writing was a kind of “survival strategy” for her, as she is extremely shy. In puberty the rebel and Sinn fundamentalist in her was awakened. To this day, she loves to work for freedom, independence and self-determination.

Soon after graduating from high school she became a mother for the first time. Today she has four adult children who are extraordinarily capable of living.

In 2004 they took the step to economic independence. Since then, her clientele has been people who are in a change process for professional reasons – and the large number of self-employed people, who cannot be tied down by their efficiency and their quirkiness.

These self-employed people value freedom more than security.

Eva has taught marketing and social media since 2004. That is why the technological developments of digital change are their constant companion.

Artificial intelligence and the machine-controlled transparency of mankind are a human revolution of unprecedented dimensions. It wishes that we as a species make the quantum leap before it is too late and the anthropocentric age is a thing of the past for a long time to come.

She wants to work on this as much as she can. Enlightenment, creativity and energy are the tools to preserve the great uniqueness of human nature.

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