Correcting childhood – the world in a hundred years

Illustration Angela Smets, Text Sylvia Rieburg-Ganns

Why do we collect visions of the future? You can find out here!

I sigh – it feels wonderful.

With both hands I dig in a warm, silty mass of mud, which consists of a mixture of sand, clay and fine earth. I’m sitting in it, in the mud and I’m enjoying it.
Fascinated, I watch how the mud runs through my fingers, I could do that for hours. I coat my body and face with it and feel very comfortable with this grounding. Now I know how pigs feel when they wallow. There are other men and women in the mud room with me.
They are also covered and emit pleasant throaty sounds.

The warm mud covers my body and I laugh like a child when I see the smeared faces of my neighbors.

I’m about to jump into the warm, salty water of the floatation room.
Here I am lovingly held and rocked back and forth by soft female and male hands. I float weightless as in the womb and peace dances around my temples.

I, Rosalie Rabenhorst, am the first reporter to try all of this out and report on it.For this report I am doing research here, in this special anti-aggression camp, which is called “Friedmonien”.

Such camps exist since 2 years in every city of the world. At first, these were still kept a secret. But now that the results are so clearly successful, the World Council has decided to make them all open to the public. Through me, the world learns about these institutions. This makes me proud!
Friedmonien is visited by everyone whose aggression potential is high and who solve conflicts by violence. These people are tracked down by drones with special scanners.

“Do these people come voluntarily?” I ask Dr. Felizitas Wildlife, the director of the camp. She doesn’t look like a doctor, with her fire red curls, purple painted fingernails, and warm, loving, interested eyes.

“Yes,” she says, “they come along because the drone sprays them with a special liquid that renders them will-less for a few hours. You know that our common goal for the world is to completely destroy aggression so that there are no more wars and no more violence, so we are allowed this means.”

“Yes, I know and I have always wondered why some people are so aggressive.

In fact, aggressiveness scares and paralyzes me when I see it in people,” I sigh. “Many people feel that way,” Felicitas smiles.

Aggressive people have experienced no or too little love in their childhood

Most of them grew up in difficult circumstances and were left to their own devices even as children. They lack the knowledge that they are valuable. They often do not feel their body and cannot classify their feelings, thus they are unstable and impulse-driven. That is the theory. Here in Friedmonien we give these people the opportunity to make up for everything they didn’t get in childhood, as they need it and as long as they want it.

We give them the love of their childhood after the fact: This is what we call postnourishing.
With our methodology we use everything that makes people relaxed and happy. That is a lot, as you will notice. In addition to the various therapies, people here get a special herbal witch juice every day, which has a calming and relaxing effect on the limbic system.

The different stations of “Friedmonien“

I’m all tingly with curiosity to learn about this concept and also to be able to try everything out for myself. I am also anxious, because I don’t know what to expect. The first station, the mud room, was definitely a good start!

After I come out of the floating room, I am led into the cuddle room.

There it is dim. Women and men are lying everywhere with cuddle experts, holding them in their arms and stroking them. I wonder if I can do this – confide in a stranger in this way?
Felicitas gives me a push, she senses my hesitation: “Be brave! Let yourself go and turn off your mind!” I do so and choose a woman. She gently touches my body, caresses me with her Reiki hands and every fiber of my body, every cell, every scrap of skin sighs comfortably and sinks into rest.I would love to stay, but Felicitas gently pulls me up.

In the dreamcatcher room

Shamanic drum beats welcome me, I sink to the floor and almost immediately fall into a trance. I dream the most beautiful dream of my life, full of vivid sounds, jubilant colors and paradisiacal places. Happiness envelops me like a spider’s web, I catch lightning stars and dance in the wind.
All of a sudden it’s over again, because Felicitas sends me into the next room. Here it gets a little mean now, I am sprinkled with a white powder from huge cans. “Ey, why that?

” I call out to Felicitas. The conflict purifier for empathic communication. “The powder helps you never insult or hurt people in arguments again, but choose the right words.” the doctor explains. I cough out the last of the white dust, which oddly tastes a bit like turnip greens.
In the whispering room

“What else awaits me?”

I ask myself as I enter the darkness of the whisper room. I stand in a cone of light and voices whisper incessantly to me, “You are beautiful, you are smart, you can do anything, you can do everything, you are loved!” I can’t remember everything they say, but I know how good these feel to me. I’m tingling and I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. “Go ahead and cry. Let the tears flow,” I hear Felicitas’ voice say. “Tears are the best solution for old wounds.”

The room of colors and the room of sounds

As I regain my composure, my hostess shows me the color room and the sound room. “Humans are creative beings, music and colors put us into energetic vibrations, they caress the soul, open the heart and have a relaxing effect on brain activity.” she explains. There is also a meditation room. All this is to slow down the brain waves and create alpha and theta waves. I won’t explore these rooms until tomorrow, though, so as not to overexert myself.

As we walk from one room to another, I see people in the hallways that at first I wanted to burst out laughing about. I can just about contain myself, but Felicitas has seen right through me: “You wonder why there are people walking around here in pajamas with pacifiers in their mouths, or with stuffed animals, or with cuddle cloths?”


“That’s part of our healing success. All who want to are allowed to completely regress to childhood here.” She adds.

We move on to the play and romp room.

“You’ll be surprised what happens to you there.” my companion predicts. True, I’m already surprised, but who knows? The fact is that I have the feeling of being younger and younger, more unruly, happier and more dynamic. Like when I was a child.

Completely with me and in the present

The doctor opens the door, a deafening noise makes my ears ring. I see a jumble of running, jumping, laughing and screaming men and women in colorful harlequin suits, who are sliding on slides, swinging on swings. They play tag, bounce in boxes, jump rope or circle the hula hoop in the middle of their bodies. The sight is incredible.

The discrepancy between the size of the people and their childlike behavior completely upsets me. This contradiction does somersault after somersault in my brain.

Suddenly I think I don’t care about prohibitions and conventions. I join in and feel completely free.
I plunge headlong into the screaming crowd and have a feeling of togetherness, freedom and bliss!
Deafening noise makes me wake up. I ask myself, “Where am I?

What was that noise?”

I’m lying in my bed, a glass of juice has tipped over next to me on the nightstand, everything is sticky. Slowly my mind sorts itself out again and it dawns on me. I am sick, I have Corona and fever. Obviously I have had a dream of my vision of a world without violence. A world without wars, without pain, without killing and without power-hungry dictators.
In my dream, I was with people who have learned to be loving and mindful of each other.

Could the world look like this in 100 years?

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