What keeps the world together at its core – Who is Steffi Maasland?

Steffi Maasland is a literary scholar and communications strategist with a pronounced penchant for systemic thinking. No one can really explain her passion for language and theater, positive psychology, heavy metal, Borussia Dortmund and spaghetti ice cream – it was probably laid in her Westphalian cradle by strangers at the winter solstice in 1975.

Fortunately, one can say, because from all this her finely developed nose for contexts and self-determined solution perspectives was formed. With this nose, she helps people in external and internal dead ends to see clearly again and to decide confidently which path they want to take next.

What drives you, Steffi?

I have always been driven by one desire: That I recognize what holds the world together at its core. However, like Faust, I have not surrendered to magic, but have chosen the epistemology of constructivism and trend research as my favorite topics.

My drive is to create understanding and comprehension among people. My motto is therefore: Understand and be understood! And that on an intellectual as well as on an emotional and physical level. Because only when all three are in balance is a true encounter with oneself and others possible.

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