The transformative power of crisis – Who is Sylvia Rieburg-Ganns?

Sylvia Rieburg-Ganns, from the deep west of Germany quick-witted with a big heart, was born in Dortmund and studied textile engineering with a focus on clothing technology. From 1979 to 1998 she worked as an independent entrepreneur in her first profession and developed fashion for curvy women.

After hectic professional years as a businesswoman and mother of three children, she discovered yoga in 1993 as a wonderful tool for relaxation. In addition, she completed various yoga and breathing technique trainings and further trainings in coaching, NLP and humanistic psychology.

She resolutely continued on the path of yoga meditation and became a Buddhist in 2004. After a big crash in her life, in which she was thrown out of all securities, she started a new life at the age of 50.

Since 2005 she has been working in her dream profession as a coach and trainer in a wide variety of companies.  Along the way, as a laughter trainer, she made hundreds of sick and healthy people to laugh.

What drives you, Sylvia?

My unshakable belief is that everyone is good and valuable, that change and development are possible, no matter what age you are.

Love and acceptance of all challenges are the transformative forces for me.

As a mother and grandmother of four, I want to help develop the world into a loving, peaceful and joyful place. My drive is therefore to expand the scope of people so that they can attain with more ease and serenity.

Today, in private coaching, I accompany people who are in a private or professional crisis. Having dealt with several crises myself, I know the feelings of fear, panic and hopelessness very well.

With warm-heartedness, empathy and humor I quickly reach a level of trust with my trainees. The first step is intensive listening to figure out what’s going wrong.

My precise questions serve to find out old beliefs, to look at them together and to check whether they are still helpful. Subsequently, we work on new inner attitudes towards oneself and the environment. My slightly crazy ideas often help me to think or do something unusual.

The basis of my work is always to relieve the coachee mentally and physically. Often all it takes is a nudge from me, a permission to take care of themselves exclusively for a while. Many of my coachees are workaholics, ambitious and perfectionistic, who have not learned to pay attention to their body, their thoughts and their signals.

My wealth of experience in relaxation methods helps them to achieve more calmness and composure. After identifying non-beneficial thought and behavior patterns, we develop new perspectives together, step by step.

The best moment and my most beautiful reward is when I see my coachees’ bright eyes again, when new courage to face life and vitality flow towards me. That is what drives me.

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