Plenty of time for respectful design: the world in a hundred years

Illustration Susanne Gold/ Text Andrea Mocellin I really feel that we are part of nature, so we have to accept what nature gives us and takes from us. I am pragmatic and think that respect, being down to earth and thinking about how small we are compared to the globe and the galaxy can bring us back to the basics of life. We should enjoy the small things and thus create a better future.

In a hundred years, we should finally have realised how fragile we humans are – just like nature itself

My wish for the future is that everyone should know the easy balance between good and bad behaviour and live respectfully in all places.

The pandemic is really challenging our patience and our daily routine

I have realised that sometimes we are not able to accept changes, but these are necessary to improve our lives and to shape them for the good. Therefore, as a designer, I also basically follow my instinct.

Good design – which serves nature and people – takes time

Most of the time I am not able to accept the standard of design, which always follows some clear rules. I think sometimes you just have to create what you imagine, in a natural process, to get to where a product really represents value. To do that, you have to be allowed to design in a flexible and unique way. In big industry, designers often don’t have the freedom to realise their ideas. There, one is rushed into a tight schedule and faced with high visual expectations – even if the design is not yet mature or ready to be shown.

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