Sustainability for health: Who is Krystian Manthey?

Krystian is a web designer, certified relaxation trainer and medical editor with advanced training in “lifestyle medicine” (Doane University) and “systematic and critical literature research” (Cochrane). Since the end of his business studies, the native of Jena has been committed with all his energy to more health literacy and sustainability in society. Through his own (successfully completed) journey of suffering with a discouraging marathon of doctors, the successful blogger knows how tiring the search for health help often is. His knowledge articles help hundreds of thousands of advice seekers every month with evidence-based information for more well-being and satisfaction

In his free time, Krystian often likes to deal with psychological and philosophical topics such as truth, the (basically good!) nature of human beings and the influence and power of one’s own thoughts. And to switch off, he loves hiking, reading, playing football and billiards

What drives you, Krystian? My concern is to lead a sustainable and successful life and to actively support other people in doing so. Because I believe that personal health does not work without sustainability. The best example of this is indoor health – i.e. pollutant-free air – which cannot be guaranteed without ecologically healthy materials. I shed light on this and other often neglected topics such as the three essentials – empathy, self-reflection and mindfulness – for a successful life of contentment and health in my published book about Health.   with a foreword by Prof. Gerald Hüther. In addition, the reader receives the essence and core findings of modern health research in an aggregated and layman-friendly form. What is your wish for the future?

The cause of many problems can be found in a lack of empathy, self-reflection and mindfulness – key skills that should be instilled in early childhood. If I had one wish, I would rebuild the education system so that children are free to develop their potential and retain their love of learning, and that co-creative learning methods produce imaginative problem-solvers, empathic communicators and peacemakers, inventive tinkerers and creative dissenters. Lernlust jetzt, for example, is a great initiative that I volunteer to support in web design and that approaches this through a grassroots encounter.

Do you want to know more about Krystian and his work?

Then order his latest book, or read his blog post about chronic pain, or the one about the fight for the truth. On Youtube you can do yoga morning exercises with him or a full body workout without equipment. Or write him an email.

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