How do “Terraists” communicate (46/52 – Terraism)

Illustration by Susanne Gold/ text by Ted Ganten
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After all the target discussions and the examination of the inner structures of a terraistic association, there are a few boundary conditions that I consider essential if such an association is to function.

Go digital!

For a virtual global organization, which also and especially lives from the integration of its members, a strong digital platform is required. This should not only include the general assembly, the elections but also an area for the representatives of the various types of members and religious representatives. It should also be a stage on which all participants can form opinions, communicate with each other, and discuss. On difficult topics of certain urgency, the opinion of the members could be asked in an advisory or even binding manner.

Would everybody participate in the decision making process?

Due to a lack of expertise, I consider – as already discussed – a “grassroots democratic” participation through binding opinion polls and referendums to be inappropriate for many issues outside of the value scale described earlier. Want another example? 90% of the British who voted on the BREXIT had no idea what they were voting on. If anything, they were emotionally triggered be their very immediate environment. Perhaps they would have preferred British instead of Polish service staff in their pub. Or maybe a German person “stole” their job in London. The economic effects in the domestic market are difficult to grasp, even for specialists. What does the joint, cross-border funding of research by the EU mean for the future security of the member states? The peace-making effect of the EU in a Europe shaken by decades of war? How important is the EU’s foreign policy influence as a counterweight to the USA, Russia and China? Which statements used in election campaigns are true and which are not? How strong is an EU without the United Kingdom in its ranks? Each of these questions is more worthy of a doctorate thesis than a quick answer on a questionable ballot.

Will Facebook, Google & Co take over?

The information about and within the association should not be left to uncontrollable data kraken like Facebook, Google & Co. If such platforms are used, manipulation cannot be ruled out due to a lack of transparency both through data selection and evaluation. Open source or own tools would be necessary. The open source movement has a good and expandable portfolio and network. The internet presence of the association must be well organized and informative. The platform should be available without censorship to all members with a self-organizing concept. The articles of association and terms of use should clearly state that upon request an investigation will be launched to check contribution for their degree of truth. Outcomes will be shared in the respective forum. In case of not objectively untrue statements contributors need to be banned from using the platform for ever longer intervals the more often misconduct happens or in case of mal-intentional behavior fines would be possible and could include a penal damage payment to personal victims. That concept will motivate to think before posting.

How to become cyber secure?

A system for digital authentication would have to be provided. This would not have to meet governmental requirements, but from a cyber security point of view it should go beyond a very simple password. Fingerprint scanners – which are now included in every cell phone – would be a possible approach. However, this would require members to own a smartphone. In this respect, another network-based solution is needed, for example via dongles. Addressing global citizens who are not connected to the net would be difficult. In terms of information technology, they would be disconnected and isolated. But they should also have a voice. I suggested earlier that such population groups should have the opportunity to cede their voice to a person or organization of their trust, who should then inform them independently. These organizations and persons need to be accredited by the association in order to ensure that information is largely objective and that they understand and promote Terraism.

Next week will start looking into the participation of the various kinds of members of the associations. Will money rule?


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