Mission: Colonization of space. Part II (45/52 – Terraism)

Illustration by Susanne Gold/ text by Ted Ganten
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We are in the middle of describing the role and importance of our terraistic assiciation in the colonization of space.

What will happen if states compete for the colonization of space?

I have already mentioned that the idea of a race of nations to colonize the moon seems quite undesirable to me. Do we really want to make the same mistakes in outer space that we make in maintaining nations on earth? A competition of nations for strategic dominance and resources in space quickly ends deadly for all involved.

What will happen if our association takes the lead in colonization of space?

An association with members and companies from all states of the world, to which many states themselves belong, has a better chance to build up structures with limited discrimination. It would also be in a better position to support participation of men and women from poorer states and the poorer states themselves. Without a global organization African and Latin American people, companies and states would be left high and dry. It is difficult to predict what that would do with them. The terraistic association is not a conglomerate of selfish and Machiavellian companies. It has a sophisticated system of checks and balances between its various organs that I earlier described. It ensures participation of all members and compliance with its articles. Collective Actions between the companies could address the go about in more detail.

Can an association play a decisive role in this field?

Is a permanent colonization of space even thinkable? Is it conceivable that a terraistic association will take the lead here? If it were a pure fantasy, it could hardly have any effect. In any case, such a development does not seem to me to be excluded. On the one hand, the nations are dependent on the cooperation of private companies in any space mission, and on the other hand, there is time to convince the states and the community of states of the idea that instead of going to war, they should work together to ensure the peaceful spread of mankind in space. At least we can build an alternative and nourish the hope that nations – even if it takes several decades – will come to the reasonable conclusion that an independent third party can solve many problems that could otherwise threaten their existence.

After months of content and context we will change the perspective once again. In the beginning we discussed the organs and inner structure of a terraistic society. Now, we will finish by looking into communicational schemes and the rights of the various possible members (natural persons, companies, NGOs and states).

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