A Thousand Questions for a World Community – The World in One Hundred Years

Illustration and text by Yohanes Fitri (Indonesia)

“Me and Myself” (Original: charcoal, acrylic on paper 90cm x 110 cm)

A work created from a thousand questions to oneself, ideas are taken from the current state of the universe

We need a collective consciousness to realise that nature today is a reflection of us.

Many people have different careers, but they need each other. That is why we need a collective consciousness that we are social beings who need to be ready to share space with other living beings.

Regardless of our species, nation, country, religion, basically we are one: living beings who relate to each other and depend on other living beings.

In this work, I present the figure of my self and various large organs down to micro-organs.

Such as the liver, brain, lungs, intestines, blood cells, parasites, germs and so on. If we look inside, we will see that we are made up of 70 trillion cells that live in the body. Therefore, we need to be able to protect nature so that it can exist for a long time, stay young and preserve water, forests and air.

Hopefully this work can touch our consciousness collectively to be with the whole world to improve and preserve our nature for survival.

The image shown above is an illustration of a work concept that is still in progress and not yet the final resultMy next work that I will present will be a work that tells about village civilisation. In our virtual age we don’t need to build space, everything can be built completely virtually. In a hundred years, the whole nation will have built a village civilisation. Then people will have a simple little house: it will be peaceful, serene and comfortable.

In a hundred years, people will only work digitally. So there will be plenty of space in the world for other living beings besides humans.

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