He who never gives up on his dreams: Who is Yohane’s Fitri?

Yohanes Fitri was born January 22, 1987 in Riau Indonesia. He graduated inarchitecture. Painting is a hobby from childhood to work in the field of painting since 2009. Working on art projects in several cities in Indonesia snd in other countries. He received numerous awards and trophies in painting contests. His focus is actively creating something that is being thought about.

What’s drives you, Yohanes?

I do not expect much for what is given by nature. But I always try to give the best for nature. So that nature becomes the most beautiful place for me.

For me art work is a necessity of an artist’s soul, which functions as a cathartic, calming and a means to explore the expression of the soul. In general, in the process of creating art, artists touch with stimuli that are intentionally determined or accidentally touched.In the touch and the stimulus occurs a picture of a form or even a form of understanding in his mind. The description or form of understanding is what is commonly called an idea or concept, in which clearly illustrated the theme, style, material used, technique, composition of the elements of the art as well as the process of making its artwork.With this awareness, I tried to work on fiction with existing ideas, marrying things that did not seem related to being related, so this work has a The dynamics from reality to something that becomes irreal (imaginary)

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