Living for a project: Who is Gitta Peyn?

Gitta Peyn is a German systems and cybernetics researcher who has dedicated her entire life to one project: Together with her husband, the mathematician Ralf Peyn, they develop the FORMWELT system – a programming language for language(s) and meaning that can be spoken by humans and machines (for professionals of systems theory: a semantically and formally self-sufficient linguistic system)

This includes the multi-valued cognitive logic WELTFORM, with the help of which thinking and communication can be analyzed, assessed and modelled. (for professionals: via which Gitta and Ralf artificially emulate self-referential and autopoietic systems, which they compare with complex living systems in order to subsequently derive information on conflict solutions in communication and crisis)

Born in 1965, Gitta first had a look at law, studied economics in parallel and early on focused on conflict management. She is the founder of the Formwelten Institute, which has set itself the task of promoting emergent systemic research, and has been giving seminars and workshops around her research with colleagues as part of the institute since 2020. Above all, Gitta is on fire for crisis-functional conflict and complexity management and sees an important task today in focusing on this.

What drives you, Gitta?

For me, in 1988, the question on my life’s list was what the future will bring: “Will we functionally address the major challenges posed by climate crisis, pandemics, natural disasters?” I came to the conclusion that we are intellectually and emotionally under-equipped as far as that is concerned.

So what do we need? What unites us? Where can we go deepest to achieve the most? With language!

If I can succeed in constructing a universal reference system that enables people to reduce misunderstandings at reference level to zero, that also helps them to finally mean what they say and say what they mean, I will have made an important contribution to long-term climate protection and disaster management.

That was my core concern, and together with my husband I constructed this language, this reference system. As soon as we have the money together, it will give people the opportunity on the platform – Formwelt Online – to clarify their thoughts and thereby become more aware and to act and communicate in an understanding-oriented way.

My motivation is to help increase human complexity coping skills. To do this, I construct empirical scientific models and methods. Systemic and contemporary education is, in my view, the key to a future worth living for all people.

Learn more?

The basic information about the world of formHere you will find system talks by and with Gitta Peyn-The book, a serious game: learn to reckon with the undetermined; start to train imagination and construct new reality together!Gitta subjective – the blog -Gitta’s articles on complexity, forms of conflict and much more: Follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


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