The World Parliament – Policy 2.0?

Illustration Corinna Heumann / Text Susanne Gold

The nation state – an obsolescent model?

Will Web 2.0 and social networks change world politics? The Internet has made our world transparent, just as the Cambrian explosion once made the oceans of our earth transparent. In fact, Web 2.0 is perfect for political agitation, encouraging participation in political events and allowing people of similar convictions to find each other and unite for a common cause.

The political technology of the industrial age is no longer suitable for the new civilization that is taking shape around us.

Our politicians are old-fashioned.

(Alvin Toffler)

Politicians can bypass traditional media and get in direct contact with their voters. In the model of the world state, not only does the world hear what politicians say, but they also hear what the world says.

The Internet ensures that people can be heard and – they want to be heard today: Worldwide!

There is a connection between the decline in democratic participation and the explosion of new communication possibilities that can hardly be ignored.

(Robin Cook)

Has it become possible today for the people of the world to represent the world as a people?


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