Looking for the moon inside her – Who is Sharon Calman?

Sharon Calman is an artist and healer from Bonn.

Born 1980 in Siegburg, Germany, she developed painting and drawing as her way of expression already as a child. Also early in her life she had contact to healing elements of energy and bodywork. During her studies of painting, her interest in the plants along the way developed and she subsequently completed a training as a healing practitioner.

In her works there are often trees with which Sharon feels particularly connected.

The artist finds support in nature, which in her opinion humans can only give to a limited extent. She processes this in her paintings, as well as the theme of femininity, which she explores tirelessly in life and on canvas. In 2016 Sharon trained as a Moon Mother and uterine energy worker according to M. Gray. Today she leads women’s circles in Bonn (Red Tent). Since 2017 she has a studio in the Bonn Women’s Museum and is part of the Athamé group of artists

In her work we experience a fusion of art and the search for wholeness. Thus her pictures themselves become elements that transport the vision of a healthy future. As the mother of a daughter, Sharon is looking forward to many future children’s book projects. Her first book was published in 2016 under the title “Mama Meditates” by Ysir Verlag. Her second book entitled “The golden Pearl” is in progress. There are postcards and posters of her pictures, which can be ordered through the artist.

What drives you in life, Sharon?

The search drives me. The search for myself, for meaning and the desire to awaken deeply. To illuminate every corner of my being, to dive into the depths to bring hidden treasures to the surface. To get far and fly away on the wings of a vision. To bring the light into the world with a smile and beauty. And to realize, to paint what touches me and works within me, to make it tangible for others, so that they too can remember. To experience everything that I am and in the end to be like a beautiful, gnarled, life-experienced tree that stretches its old strong branches into the morning sun and gives enough shade, support and comfort for a small person who is on his way to explore the world.

Contact to the artist?

Write Sharon an email, follow her on Facebook or visit her website.


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