We are one we are Love – The world in a hundred years

Illustration Susanne Gold/ Text Melanie Dorn

The world has survived the change from the dark to the golden age well

Some select Light Warriors born in the transition period have mastered their task brilliantly. No one remembers fear, doubt, sadness, anger, hatred, envy, contempt and other negativity from the dark ages.

Only the light warriors are allowed to keep their knowledge over time. Because out of this energy a lot of concepts have been developed, which serve the world and the people.

The Resource Book

With the birth of a new earthling, an alien faction from the planet PSirius 888 hands over a golden resource book to the parents. It states what resources the child brings with it from the beginning – what it draws from infinitely, what skills the child will acquire, its star name, what life task the child carries within itself and when it will be sent back.

So that every earthling can still develop freely, the children are only given this book as a gift at the age of 27. Before that, it is a life guidance manual for the parents.

The preparatory technology was the Internet

Technologies that people knew in the transition phase no longer exist. The Internet helped all light warriors to connect with each other and prepare people for the upheaval. Everyone did it in his own way, because the people themselves only had premonitions, which appeared to them at difficult forks.

All different in 2119

Paradise has arrived on earth! People draw free energy from nature: from flowers and trees, from wind, water, earth and air, from stars and animals. Every human being is in his right place and at the divine original source. Most of the energy is supplied from there. The Light Warriors once taught the earthlings their abilities of connection to the divine source of origin

As a result, people have long since outgrown them. Soon it is time to go for the Light Warriors, as some of them are already 160 years old. This is not a great age compared to the earthlings arriving after that, but their bodies will be replaced after all the strains of the transition period. Then – if they wish – they may return to earth. Or else back to their planet of origin, they can also go to another place of their choice. None of this matters anymore, because there is a well developed energy field to which everyone is connected.

The earthlings have PSI forces

PSI powers include clairvoyance, teleportation, levitation, the generation of free energy fields, precognition, shape-shifting, telepathy and telekinesis. Every earthling lives out his very special ability to penetrate further and further into the hidden depths, which are possible.

Every human being belongs to a tribal people, into which he is born and learns how to use his abilities. At the age of 27, when they have been given their resource book, they set off to travel to other tribes, cultures and places. There they will experience themselves and make their resources available to others.

In some regions it has already been possible to build castles in the air on clouds

The castles in the air have hanging gardens and rivers of pure gold. The earthlings who live here have a very fine energy and only earthlings for whom it is intended may stay there.

Levitation is a remarkable technology

This technology enables earthlings to float freely between worlds and in space and time. Underground, shape transformation and morphing are particularly desirable skills, as they allow you to walk through any layer of rock. Noteworthy are the quantum converters, which have the ability to form matter out of light and send it to earth via messengers.

The earth continues to grow together with other planets

Again and again new planets and solar systems are being discovered and also all of them continue to grow together, through the huge common energy field of love. In a hundred years the only valid law will be: We are one, we are Love!

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