Who’s Melanie Dorn? Biography

Melanie Dorn sees herself as an “emotion coach with a penchant for spirituality”. She sees it as her lifelong task to constantly develop herself professionally, personally and spiritually. She likes to do that on hikes through the desert. But you can also meet her at various trade fairs, where she is constantly expanding and intensifying the spectrum of her knowledge. She knows no boundaries – she is interested in architecture as well as in advanced training on the subject of enlightenment. There is nothing she does not want to learn and experience. Curious about all facets of life and born in 1989, Melanie lives in the Munich area and works as a customer consultant at BMW AG.


What drives me in life? I care?

I always want to live my own passion and find and achieve in life what is destined for me. I love the magic that life has when you are in flow with yourself and everything. I am enthusiastic about giving other people just this passion, fire and motivation. I want to help people to their very own strength and accompany them on their way to their source, to their magic.



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