Who is Claudia Conen? Biography

Claudia Conen was born in Cologne in 1968. She has always been independent in her professional life. 14 years ago she decided to sell her gastronomy in order to dedicate herself intensively to the audible emotions of people. Since then she has been working passionately as a communications coach.

What drives me?

I love life every day. Only physically I am a small woman and full of energy: working gives me so much pleasure that I sometimes forget that there is more to life.

Life itself drives me. I value every day I wake up and can – most of the time – decide for myself how much time I have.

The most beautiful source of energy for me are my sons, Joe and Jack. It is good to know that they will go through life correctly and happily as adults.

What I wish for myself?

I wish that I never have to make another person sad, always remain independent and can pass on my positive energy to many people. Time and space for further education, to enjoy more time in nature and to travel with my partner to many more beautiful places of our planet are further wishes of mine.

What I want to tell people?

Listen to the words you speak to other people! Everyone experiences beautiful moments every day. Pay attention to these moments and enjoy your life! Don’t forget that things always get worse. We only need to close our eyes to feel our dreams and it feels real. This is also how my stories are created, which I record and rarely write.

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