Correction of everyday life?

We all dream – sometimes consciously during the day – and also unconsciously at night. Probably dreams have the function of contrasting our everyday life. They make us aware of the possibilities we have and how we could develop. Our dreams give us answers to the question of what is possible and what is not. Ideas, which we do not get in our busy everyday life, our dream falls asleep to us.

A dream can become uncomfortable

Whenever a dream makes us aware that our everyday life does not suit us, it becomes uncomfortable. We have nightmares. They provoke us to test our reality. Where we act only on the basis of rational thought, he tranpsorts doubts and questions. Our dreams challenge us to correct our everyday life and to think freely. They betray our deep desires, although these can be illogical and irrational.

Rationality as the sole criterion for organizing your life?

In our world, which is subject to formal time and its structure, our dreams and fears are often repressed. For the totality of our personality, however, these are elementary.

Both sides – rational reason and irrational dream – condition each other. We need both to meet the challenges of our lives.

Are dreams the corrective to rational everyday life?

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