Multitasking here, mindfulness there?

Multitasking – everywhere and nowhere

Those who are dealing with different things at the same time share their attention. Mindfulness on the other hand is the focusing of attention.

Those who practice mindfulness concentrate fully on one thing. I understand the mindfulness movement as a counter-movement to the multitasking demands of the digitalized world: checking e-mails, looking at the cell phone, making phone calls, having a sip and doing laundry on the side – all at the same time.

My spirit is a wild monkey that wants to dance at all weddings!

I started to turn off my cell phone and concentrate on what I was doing. For example, I try to feel every bite when I eat. To perceive all nuances and facets of my food. Again and again I have to get my mind back. He’s already rushing to the next event.

What helps us to meet the demands of the multitasking society and still be mindful?

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