Who is Pavel Romanenko? Biography

Pavel Romannko was born in Kiev in 1988. As a late repatriate, he moved with his family to Berlin in 2001, where he went to school, took the Abitur and studied. Pavel took his first state examination in law at the Humboldt University of Berlin and worked simultaneously for the global advertising agency BBDO and for a Berlin VC. After his studies he started in 2016 as a project manager at the startup publishing house NKF Media, where he now heads the Blockchain Circle project.

What drives you? What’s important to you?

I catch other people’s sparks quickly: By the people who do their work with their hearts, by creative people, visionaries and innovators.

I strongly believe that we are living in the most exciting time in human history.

The exponential technological development promises to fundamentally change our lives.

The basic optimist in me says that this development will help all people in the world to live a dignified and fulfilled life.

The pragmatist says that we must analyse this development vigilantly and urgently.

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