Who’s Edith Huber? Biography

Dr. Edith Huber was born in Vienna in 1975. She still lives there today and studied at the University of Vienna at the Faculty of Social Sciences and graduated with distinction in 2012. Today she works as an author, researcher and head of the staff unit for research and international affairs at the Danube University Krems.

Her scientific specialties are security research, cybersecurity, information security cybercrime, computer crime, social change, stalking, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, media, sociology of crime and profiling of offenders.

Edith Huber received the State Award for Security Research from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology in 2008. A few years later – in 2012 – she received the Dr. Maria Schaumayer Foundation Award for outstanding scientific achievements. For her research project, CERT Communication II, she received the Lower Austrian Innovation Prize in Krems at the Danube University Krems in 2017.

Who am I? What drives me in life?

I have always been someone who likes to try new things. This applies to both professional and hobby activities. I always try to find a middle way between analytics and creativity. The combination of both has enabled me to implement many successful projects to date. For me, it’s the only path I want to take in my life: Stay in the middle. My family and friends give me strength.

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