Orgasmic future – the world in a hundred years

Illustration by Sharon Calman / Text by Beate Werner

The future will be peaceful and orgasmic

Babies are born in orgasm, people live orgasmically and die in orgasm. Men, women, children of all races of the world live in peaceful coexistence, also with the animals.

Peaceful aliens in human form will guide and organize the world with their wisdom and vision. The abundance of nature is made accessible to all.

People will be healthy just from their diet and because they move the way their body tells them to. They will have learned to love and care for their body, to deal well with their thoughts, emotions and needs and to use them for themselves.

There will be mutual trust and a lot of fun and joy

Families spend their time together and enjoy the growth of their offspring. There will be many different forms of relationships, lust and love can express themselves freely in all forms and variations.

Communities in which all age groups live together will have established themselves. The schools are run within communities that promote creativity and design their teaching programs in an open and child-friendly manner.

The world in 100 years will consist of the earth, the moon, Mars and other planets

People will travel there to live and work there. They’re working on teleportation. The first tests are being prepared.

The energy production will be very easy, because the solar energy is automatically used for everything.

It has long been discovered how to use stones and other materials for energy production. There will be more than enough energy for everything.

The oceans of the earth will be clean again and the rainforests and other forests will have grown back

You will have learned to recycle plastic and other rubbish in a sensible way. The earth will be fertile, only biological natural fertilizers will be used. One will have learned to grow the plants in permaculture in an optimal way. When nature overgrows, this surplus will be used for the other planets and residences.

The children of our children’s children will travel to the stars where they came from

They will be able to understand the wisdom of the universe and use it to live together in love and peace with relish.


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