Who is Beate Werner? – Biography

Beate Werner is a sensuality and creative coach and supports women in particular to feel radiantly feminine and sensual again and to be successful in their business with pleasure and creativity.

Born in 1961 in Berlin, her path led her initially through a commercial apprenticeship as an engineer studying computer science. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she switched to the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, where she worked for a long time in the field of clinical studies. A personal stroke of fate in 2008 made her change into a completely new direction and discover her spiritual side. As a certified yoga teacher and marble masseuse, she initially worked part-time to encourage people to take more care of their bodies and relax using natural methods. Her curiosity and growing interest in interpersonal communication and the connection between mind and body led her to take various coaching courses. In 2015 she decided to leave the corporate business completely and start her own online coaching business. Here she supports women in their feminine sensuality and creativity and thus to be successful in business with pleasure and pleasure.

As a sensible balance and addition to the online business, Beate is currently in the ongoing Self:Cervix Practioner training. This is about empowering women to become aware of the power of their cervix as a source of female pleasure and creative potential and to live it.

Beate is the mother of two adult sons and the proud grandmother of a granddaughter. She likes to let her creativity flow into intuitive painting. She has shown her paintings in exhibitions in Berlin and Panketal and offers family painting as creative events.

Who am I? What drives me?

I am a creative curious sensitive power woman. My wish is that women can consciously and enjoyably live out their full sensuality and creativity and that they can exhaust all their possibilities – also in business – with ease and joy and with full success.

What drives me is the desire to connect with other people both deeply and freely. I love to feel how much lust for life, joy and consciousness I can bring about through my work. I wish for a world worth living in for all beings, in which men and women can interact peacefully and lustfully with each other and experience orgasmic happiness.

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