The return of the insects – the world in a hundred years

by Susanne Große-Venhaus

What remained was love

How did it come about? The insects buzzed together, this time a hornet was in charge of the World Insect Conference.

The insects are happy

Happy – and also a little proud, how they saved humanity 100 years ago with a brilliant plan.

People are not very capable of learning

This is what the insects, in the millennia in which they have already observed humans, have had to determine.

All the great catastrophes that people themselves had conjured up did not help them to stop and come to terms with themselves.

Their greed for “higher-faster-further” seemed unstoppable. They caused a lot of trouble in the process.

This had to end. But how?

The insects realized that they had to try the gentle way. Many of them were not so popular with people, for example the spiders, the mosquitoes and the wasps would not be missed.

But some of them had the ability to delight people and sweeten their lives and touch their hearts.

Above all the butterflies, bees and ladybirds

They had concocted the plan to disappear – all of them! Not from one day to the next, that would be too conspicuous, but gradually, one after the other.

It took a while before people understood that not only did they run out of honey, but that sooner or later they would lose themselves.

Finally, the insects’ plan worked out

In the last 100 years, people had changed a lot.

The motto now was no longer higher-faster-farther, but sustainable-slowly-here.

People had rediscovered the here and now. They finally used their technologies and intelligence for sustainability and peace projects.

It will surely take another 100 years until they have completely restored their planet. But the insects had fulfilled their task and now they had returned.

What remained was love.


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