The world in a hundred years – Life 50+ in “WG cubes

Illustration Annette von der Bey/ Text from Birgit Gebhard

Bea wakes up in her old age flat

In the shared flat 12 people over 50 years of age live in several flexible living cubes. It is self-sufficiently supplied with water and electricity.

A larger cube represents the central meeting place with kitchen, lounge and music room and is – like the others – mainly built of wood and other local materials.

The residents* are staying in the music room

Some make music and sing and the others sit together in groups of two, in front of each pair there is a board with two wooden game pieces and a wooden heart in the middle.

The pairs of 2 start talking to each other, feeling inside and riding the field.

The people seem serious and yet relaxed – the game board has the title “HerzSprechen” (Speaking from the heart)… maybe it has something to do with that

When you look at this group of people over a longer period of time, one thing becomes clearly visible – they do not look any different from the people 100 years ago, and yet they are surrounded by this particular aura, this “wind of the heart”, which makes you sense and feel that they consciously appreciate and appreciate each other – no matter where it might be difficult at the moment.

Some of the flatmates work as energy workers from home

Some of them use the PC or the mobile phone for this purpose, giving their knowledge and their gifts to the world with it and seem – despite full days – very satisfied and grounded.

Others, like Bea, go out of the house and into the places and companies and spread their spirit, which is based on peaceful cooperation, sustainable living and respectful treatment of all beings and the resources of Mother Earth.

The employees* in the companies are very active, appear lively and motivated and laugh a lot

Nevertheless, they seem to move a lot, successes are celebrated and team members are acknowledged. The atmosphere seems relaxed, like in a big family and is also here marked by appreciative communication.

In between, there are rooms for recreation, exercise and healthy eating, working hours are flexible, family-friendly and adapted to the respective needs of the employees*. Nevertheless, the company goal is easily achieved, as people feel that they belong and are an important link to the team result – this obviously inspires.

When Bea comes back to her flat share in the evening, she hugs her favourite person with whom she has a deep, sensual and at the same time free connection

And she has the feeling that she has contributed to something meaningful through the day and is happy about it! She then enjoys the evening singing, dancing and chatting with her loved ones, with nourishing encounters, inspiring conversations and exciting creative projects.

Yes, this is how life is fun in 2118 – people are fulfilling a task for the community and at the same time their needs. They appreciate and respect each other, so there is a lot of love in the air.

This is how it makes you feel to live a content life – in attentiveness and appreciation!




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