Who is Lolita Aufmuth? Biography

Lolita Aufmuth has been founder and managing director of the international non-profit organisation Vision United World since 2017. The organization is committed to enhancing human intelligence and developing artificial intelligence in accordance with human ethics: For a united world in freedom, peace and dignity for all.

At the same time she is an avid blogger and podcaster. After studying directing and editing at a film school, Lolita Aufmuth worked in the business world for 13 years before setting up her own company Coaching Creatio. In addition to her NGO work, as a certified systemic coach she accompanies people in leading a self-confident lifestyle based on self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-design.

What drives me? What is important to me in life?

I am passionate about asking questions. I want to understand life and – as far as possible – live happily in the present. Permanent learning, growth and change are important drivers for this.

I keep leaving my comfort zone to make this possible. Humor and being able to laugh about myself are important companions for me.

I am fascinated by the universe, psychology, politics, philosophy, quantum physics, the positive possibilities offered by technology, the self in people and the secrets yet to be discovered.

The vision of a world of freedom, peace and dignity as well as its implementation is what drives me out of bed every morning.

I love the basic idea of democracy, that all power comes from the people – the people. It is a very great concern of mine to make people aware of the power that lies within them



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