Who’s Marian Prill? Biography

Marian Prill is the owner and managing director of Marian Prill Verlag

In 2017, he walked through Germany on foot with 16 kilos of luggage on his back to familiarise himself with his adopted home, Glückstadt, which was founded by the Danish King Christian IV. When he came back, the internationally awarded copywriter began writing books as a ghostwriter.

Today, the publisher supports successful people in becoming speaking book authors.

What drives me?

I used to think I could unhinge the world. Now I know I can do it. But never alone. I love to work with talented people to make and implement plans to make the world a better place.

This is why we help people to become “speaking” book authors. Because when those who know a lot don’t have time to write a book, they answer our interview questions in less than 10 hours and thus produce the contents of their own publication. It’s that simple. Why strain yourself when you can do it easily?

I love useful innovations. And I wish that we humans would understand each other better. When more experiences, more life stories, more insights circulate, when knowledge is brought to the audience in the right formats, then stronger connections are formed and we can look forward to the best times still ahead.

My friends and colleagues see it the same way. I find to them and they find to me. I prefer to work with creative minds that are passionate and cultivated at the same time.

These people have strength, a high understanding of values and yet are not at all at a loss for words.

We’re turning the world upside down! It may creak in one place or another. The main thing is that everyone enjoys it.


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