School of Wilderness – The world in a hundred years

By Silvia Schanze

It is the year 2118

Peace has come to many parts of the world. Nobody dared to believe that this was possible!

The origin of all this was a small school in the wilderness, where there were no timetables and no subjects or homework any more.

The children learned to take care of themselves through play

They learned which berries to eat, how to weave baskets and linen, how to make fire, fish from the river, care for animals, plant fruits and vegetables, gather healing herbs and much more.

The children who went to this school had understood that it was not about possession or consumption,

You understand how valuable time is

None of them volunteered to hang out on social media all day. Although there were children in their group who were engaged in programming or calculations or who kept in contact with others, each decided for themselves when they wanted to learn to read and write. Or when his need for another subject became so great that he devoted himself to it with passion.

The children had learned to listen to their feelings

They understood by themselves how helpful it was to learn. It never occurred to them to work all day to earn more money than they needed for their basic needs.

In the morning, the day began with silence exercises or sinking into the breath, each as he liked. In the evenings around the campfire, stories from old times were passed on.

Every child was welcome at any time in the “school in the wilderness”, regardless of gender, nationality, physical impairment or anything else.

Each child found his or her role in the community

The children who went to this school had understood how valuable all this was to them and they began to take it out into the world. This organic form of living together was meaningful!

This feeling, this way of learning and living, spread like a virus

The “School of the Wild” found its way to all countries and continents, to all children of the world.

It began in 2018

More and more people understood the “school of wilderness”. The gift was great, deep contentment, joy, freedom, meaning (because that was one of the great themes at that time) and inner peace, to name but a few.

The children of that time have long since become grandparents, they sent their children to these schools full of conviction.

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